Credits for Graduation Requirement
School Year Required Courses Elective Courses Graduation Requirement
From 2021(110)~ 1 credits 14 credits 25 credits


1. Required Subject: 1 Credits Required
Course Required/Elective Credit
Research Method and Thesis Writing Required Subject 3
2. Required Subject: 24 Credits Required
Course Required/Elective Credit
Special Topics on Chinese Instructional Methodology Elective Subjec 3
Digital Chinese Language Teaching Elective Subjec 3
Special Topics on Chinese Linguistics Elective Subject 3
Assessment of Chinese Language Proficiency Elective Subject 3
Language and Cognition Elective Subject 3
Introduction to Chinese Language Teaching Elective Subject 3
Second Language Acquisition Elective Subject 3
Theory and Applications of Chinese Language Play Elective Subject 3
Chinese Character Teaching Theory and Applications Elective Subject 3
Chinese Society and Culture Elective Subject 3
Studies in Web-based Training Elective Subject 3
Applied Interactive Teaching  Elective Subject 3
IB Philosophy and Practices  Elective Subject 3
Teaching and Learning in the DP Elective Subject 3